Small charity marketing and the secrets to success

Small charity marketingIf you manage or are involved in the running and organisation of a small charity you will know how important keeping volunteers, donors and the general public is. This article looks at how small charities can use marketing without spending vast amounts to help their charity thrive even in the hardest of times.

Recent global financial issues had massive consequences for small charities and non-profit sector. In fact, many small charities have tried to remain in existence as their ability to promote their cause and gain valuable new donations and support was difficult.

So what is actually small charities do to make sure their important causes and the message is transmitted efficiently and cost-effectively?

For a start it is important to remember that your existing members and donors can be the key to your success as a self-promotion in the form of directions and recommendations is low cost but highly effective. In fact one of the best ways for a small charity to use with little or no marketing budget for them to build relationships with the local media, including newspapers, television and radio stations, as well as local magazines, as they can be crucial in helping you spread their message.

When working with the media, you have to remember that their job is to find newsworthy stories, so if you have anything interesting to say that their readers, listeners or viewers might be interested in the media, it will be love your stories. In fact, becoming a regular source of newsworthy material for local media may well cause them to actually come to you on a regular basis, which could well save time, save money and make sure your charity is kept small in the eyes of the public.