The idea behind Good Ideas for Good Causes is quite simple: everything is possible with the right motivation. Our motivation is help our clients to help people.

Starting over is always exciting. There are many years of experience in digital marketing and different projects behind us. But a start gives you the opportunity to do things better. To pose them with love and tranquility. To choose and discard paths with more security. After a period of almost 3 years working solely for Òmnium Cultural, within the organization, I once again created a digital marketing and fundraising agency. I am back on a path already traveled and very rewarding.

Good Ideas for Good Causes is a rare agency because it has no employees, no offices. It is a virtual agency. And we have raised it this way for several reasons: because it allows us to start the activity with a significantly lower investment, because we can start working in a very short time, because we can concentrate only on marketing and fundraising … But among all these reasons, the main one is that an office or a staff team does not mean better customer service.

Good Ideas for Good Causes is based on a network of collaborators who participate, or not, in the projects depending on the needs. So we can easily adapt the team and the budget to the project requirements. And we can be a good option for organizations of any size. We focus on what we know how to do, improve and find people to learn.

My name is Ibon Orrantia and Good Ideas for Good Causes is my new project. At the service of Non-Profit Organizations that want to open new paths.

Let’s Work Together


We are fans of sharing needs and projects. Do not hesitate to contact us. At the very least, you will get an honest conversation and, hopefully, some fresh ideas.